Hip Flexor Exercises

How to do hip flexor exercises the right way

If you mostly spend your time working while sitting on the chair, you may feel some problems on your back. The backache or other pains may feel annoying after you sit down for long time. This can happen because of some problems on back. Then, it may also be caused by the problems on your hip. This body part is important since there are joints in there. When there are some pains or uncomfortable feelings, it is recommended to have hip flexor exercise. Some sets of simple exercises are enough to make the hip flexor feel much better.

The exercises are not only dedicated for the athletes. In fact, when you feel uncomfortable on your back and hip, this exercise is necessary. It makes sure your hip is strong and flexible. Some exercises are easy to do, and it does not take much time.

1.Seated hip flexion

This is necessary to increase the strength of muscles on the area of hips. To do it, you only need to sit well. Good and straight posture is necessary to get the optimal results. After that, pull one of your knees to your chest. You must do it slowly, and then lower knee until it reach the starting position. Do this 10 times for each knee.

2.Seated butterfly stretch

The next hip flexor exercise also uses the seated position. This is good to gain flexibility and stretch the muscles. What you need to do is to sit down on the floor with your straight back. Then, you can relax your knees, and pull the soles together until they reach the position in front of your body. This may not be easy for the first time, but you must stay relaxed and control your breath. You only need to hold the position up to 20 seconds, and do some repetitions.

3.Single-leg stance

This is also easy to do. To do this hip flexor exercise, you only need to stand straightly on your feet. After that, pull one of your knees, so it is parallel to the floor. You must maintain your balance, and hold the position for around 10 seconds. You have 10 repetitions for each knee. These are some easy exercises to maintain the health of your hip flexor. You can do it in the morning every day, and you will get both flexible and strong hip. You may also do it while you are taking a break in your work, so you can also relieve your back and hips by doing the hip flexor exercise.

Easy recomendation for hip flexor exercises

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