Hip Flexor Exercises

How to do hip flexor exercises the right way

When you often work on front of computer and spend time sitting on chair, of course you will feel the tightness on hips. It is normal to happen, and many people experience it. However, it does not mean you cannot just ignore it. The problems can accumulate, and it is possible to get some issues on hip flexors when you do not do hip flexor stretch or necessary exercises to solve the tight hip flexors. In this case, there are some easy practices of stretching to do.

1.Spinal twist

As its name, you will stretch the hip flexor by doing the spinal twist. To do the hip flexor stretch, you need to stand straight. After that, you use your left foot to make big step forward and bend it, while the right foot keep the straight position. When you already lunge your body, you will well that your body is stretched, and it is time to continue to next step. You need to place your right hand on the floor, and then you make a move to twist your upper part of body to the left, followed by the left hand moving toward ceiling. You need to hold this position for around 30 seconds or longer, and you need to switch the position for the other side of body.

2.Knee to chest

The next step of hip flexor stretch is actually quite simple. Basically, you only need to move your knee to your chest. The best position is to sleep and keep the straight position. After that, you pull the knee and bend it, so it can reach the closest position to your chest, while another foot still keeps the straight position. When you already get the optimal position, you must hold it for at least 30 seconds, and repeat for another knee.

3.Kneeling stretch

This has quite similar move to the spinal twist, but it will not require you to twist your upper body. What you need to do is to kneel on one of knee, while the other knee must get perfect position of 90o. Then, both hands are placed on the bent knee while keeping the back straight. Then, you need to try leaning forward while keeping the position of both knees. This will stretch the muscle and joints. You need to hold the position for at least 30 seconds, and repeat for other position.

These three stretching movements are basically easy to do. However, these are very effective to solve the tightness on your hip flexors. You can do it regularly in the morning and after you work. Even, you may also try the movement during your break, so you will not only spend time on the seat, but you can also do the hip flexor stretch.

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