Hip Flexor Exercises

How to do hip flexor exercises the right way

For some women, hip dips may become serious problems for their appearance. They may not look good with the dips, and it can affect their choices of dress, skirts, or pants. That is why some women look for the solution to solve the issues. Basically, the hip dips do not become big problems, and there are some kinds of workout for hip dips as solution. Even, it is also good since some women may also solve hip tightness. Then, some of the workouts may be tried to solve the hip dips.

1.Side hip openers

This is the workout for hip dips. You need to do the cat-cow position, and later you only need to open the hip by lifting the one of your knee. However, you need to make sure you have good position for the arms and legs. They should be in the good position of 90o. When you get the good position, you can start lifting one of your knees. You need to lift the whole leg, so it is straight and makes 90o position to other knee and leg. You should distribute the weight well, and keep repeating this, also for another leg.

2.Standing kickback lunges

This will be a workout for hip dips that challenges the balance, so you should do it slowly at first. To do the workout, you need to stand straight. With standing position, start to kneel by using one of knees. After it reaches the floor, lift it up until you can stand straight and the lifted knee get perfect 90o. This is the basic movement, but you must keep the balance and your back must be straight. You can keep repeating it eight times and move to another leg.

3.Leg lift

The next movement is also simple. You only need to be on the standing position, and your back must be straight. After that, you only need to keep the balance, and then lift up one of your legs to the side. You must keep the leg in straight position while maintaining the balance. When you want to drop the foot, you must do it slower than when you lift it up. Keep doing it with some repetitions and continue to another foot.   

These workouts are quite simple to do. All of them train the hips, buttocks, and legs. Some also require you to maintain good balances. You can do these workouts regularly, and also combine it with jogging. These can be considered as a part of the warming up. Of course, there are also other kinds of workout for hip dips that you may also want to try.

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