Hip Flexor Exercises

How to do hip flexor exercises the right way

Everyone loves to be healthy and in good shape. Many things can be done to be healthy and get into shape, such as eating nutritious food, drinking water, and taking exercise. One of body parts you need to maintain is hip flexors. Hip flexors are very important to help moving the lower body. Therefore, you should apply these hip flexor exercises to stay healthy.

1.Stretching while Sitting Down

Start sitting down on the floor and set your back and abs in straight position. Then, get the feet together and have your knees bend out. Start pulling the feet slowly and relax the knees. You need to hold this position for about 30 seconds.

2.Stretching while Lying Down

It still needs the floor to apply hip flexor exercises yet in lying position. You should lie down and put arms at your sides. Don’t forget to bend the knees and touch heels with fingers. Lift up your hips while pressing on heels. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds and repeat it at least five times.

3.Mountain Climbing

To apply this exercise, you need to prepare towels or cloth. Make sure the floor surface is smooth enough to slide. Then, put the towels or cloth under your feet and get yourself in pushup position. Start pulling right leg to the chest and change to the left leg. If you are not strong enough, just do it slowly. After getting used to apply this mountain climbing, you can set the pace quicker.

Hip Flexor Exercises Guide

4.Flexing Hip

Apply these hip flexor exercises on the floor and start lying down. Make sure to set abs and back straight and lift up the right knee toward chest. With the help of hands, pull your knee as close as possible to chest. Slowly, place right leg back on the floor and do the same on left knee. It is suggested to repeat this for ten times.


Well, you have done enough on the floor and ready to move into a standing position. After standing straight properly, move right foot forward gently. Then, bend the right knee, so you transfer weight on the leg. Next, lower yourself and make sure left knee almost touches the floor. Return to the initial position and repeat doing this with your opposite leg. Do the lunges for about 10 times and add the intensity in the future.

The most important thing is practicing these hip flexor exercises regularly. Now, there is no reason not to stay in shape and healthy anymore.

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